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Studio Diary #4

My struggle with guitars is well documented. My guitar playing took a dive as my hand cramps worsened, and I contemplated a musical future without guitars. ICYMI, this is the full story:

All caught up? Good. So the glove thing took off, but behind the scenes, I missed guitars. I still struggled with the acoustic guitar parts, but my earliest Metal influences helped me make sense of my hand issues. Heavy riffing is physically a totally different approach compared to acoustic fingerstyle. So for the last year, I privately toned my rhythm guitar riffing chops. It’s paid off. Today I recorded new guitar parts, specifically a part that I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to manage without serious editing. I’ve regained some dexterity, strength and speed over the last year. My playing has improved, albeit in a different style to where I left off. Thankfully, it’s exactly the place I want to be right now. There’s still pain and tightness to work through, but I played tight and heavy today. And now I’m getting excited about this new music going out into the wild…


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