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Studio Diary #5

Day Five! It’s strange but still familiar to be this deep into a recording project; I haven’t recorded anything of my own in the last couple of years. I know, right. I’ve been really focused on glove performances, and I’d lost my mojo with recording. I’d tried getting something off the ground several times, but nothing would stick. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my “genreless” ambition had, ironically enough, become massively restrictive. Without a place to land in sight, I circled aimlessly in a nondescript airspace.

The song I’ve been working on has really come into shape. It’s a complex, dynamic beast, so it’s taken me a few days to shape the track, but I’ve arrived there now. It’s also been a learning curve, so hopefully the next track will come together quicker. My plan at the moment is to get tracks minus vocals into shape first, cementing the feel and sound of the songs. I’m really keen to have consistency across tracks; finishing one then moving onto the next feels like an inconsistent way of working. Also, I want to tackle the vocals in one body of sessions, so I need all the tracks in order. I’ve got a decent amount of songs to work through, so I’m trying to work out the quickest route through all this.

So tomorrow, I’ll start laying foundations for the next song. It’s all a clear path to the end in my mind; just got to keep my eyes on the prize…


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