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Studio Diary #6

Today is the first day that this opening out into more than just a song. That was the goal to start with of course, but I’ve been so super engrossed in the first song, it started to feel like the only song. Panning out a little and taking a couple of more songs, the album looks like it could take shape.

That’s right. I said album.

It feels like an album is there. What this means in this day and age, I’m not sure, ’album’ sounds a little antiquated, but it’s definitely a cohesive body of work.

Whatever I end up putting out, I can honestly I’ve never been more excited about releasing material. It’s early days, but I feel like my best work is taking shape… that all sounds terribly vague, terribly cryptic, once again I’m dancing about architecture. I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on letting some sounds out into the world. That’s something I’ve not felt up to doing in over two years. My crisis of confidence in my abilities to make records has been well nurtured, but I finally feel myself coming out of it. It’s exciting. I’m excited about my music again, and I hope you will be too. 🙂


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