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Studio Diary #7

Momentum is a powerful thing. Last week I worked five days straight, and really hit my stride. This week, Monday and Tuesday were wiped out by other projects, website tweaking and studio availability. That’s meant today has felt like hard work. I’ve spent hours on one part today, and it felt like a slog. Meh. There’ll always be bad days, but I feel like momentum helps reduce that. A lesson here: even on busy days, where many tasks are competing for time, it pays to do *something* every day.

With that in mind, I’m thinking more about how best to get things done. Over the last few months I’ve researched and refined techniques and tricks to help me get things done. There’s A LOT of stuff I can say on the subject, so I’m thinking about how to make that part of this blog. Earlier today I’ had a really healthy conversation about sharing knowledge and resources, something I was resistant to. It’s not useful* (*key word for a future post) to be possessive about my methods, so starting next week I’ll be aiming to make this blog a useful resource for creative productivity. I’m being honest and saying now that I’m not sure how far I can take that idea, but I’ll certainly try. If one other person improves their creative output after reading this blog, it’ll be worth exploring… stay tuned!


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