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Gently coaxed back to life.

Refining lyrics to a song I love dearly that never got a chance to be heard. It’s time is now. Coaxing abandoned lyrics into something meaningful and in this moment is macro level work; ever so gently with the details… and I’m sure I’m not done yet. Tonight’s the deadline though! This is a job, after all…

Another strange aspect to this; it actually makes more sense to my life now, than when I first tried to write it. So strange how songs can do that. It feels like I wasn’t ready to say it. It suddenly feels alive again. It feels now.

BEHOLD! The Invisible Guitar II

I’ll save the hows and whys for another post. For now, I’m just really excited to pull this off – I’ve wanted to play big riffs with the Gloves for the longest time. It’s HUGE FUN


I love love LOVE geometric artwork. Something delicate revealing itself in hard lines; the deliberate incompleteness of edges, like the meaning is concentrated in the centre… it’s magic. These portraits by Dave Merrell are beautiful. More on his Behance profile.