Huge fun today in Nottingham as a guest of Able Orchestra, one of the UK’s leading Disabled Person led ensembles. I was there to jam, connect, and (hopefully) come up with some cool MiMu Glove riffs and hooks they could use in their latest work. Able Orchestra have got some huge achievements under their belts; here they are at the BBC Proms:

We were also joined by ThePetebox; a ridiculously talented beatboxer and live looper. Like, the best I’ve ever seen. He did a low key cover of If You’re Mother Only Knew over lunch. If you know, you know. He’s *that* good. Here he is in action:

Jamming alongside Pete w/ the gloves was obviously massive fun, but the goal of inspiring and assisting the AO players was the real buzz.

Today was a huge inclusive music making win. I have many opportunities to play with people nowadays. Of course, I’ve made a career of playing music on my own. I used to find playing the gloves in an ensemble setting difficult and underwhelming, but I’m finding the space to use them in groups much easier nowadays. I’m really enjoying these connections and collaborations, and behind the scenes we’ve done a lot of work to tame the gloves into being a really versatile ensemble instrument.

Able Orchestra will be performing in Nottingham this Sunday; I believe the event is sold out, but I’ll tweet links if I hear otherwise..!