Jon Hopkins on Song Exploder.

Song Exploder is a great under-The-hood podcast about the music making. Each episode is the unboxing of a song by its creator, and it’s fascinating.

Jon Hopkins is making some really interesting electronic music, and this track is from his latest long player. Some really interesting tech insights in this, but also some interesting revelations about DMT…

It’s spinning round and round, Falling away from me.

I’ve not listened to this for ages. So long in fact, that I was scared it would have dated. I listened to it all the time circa 2002, it was one of the best things I’d ever heard.

Listening now, I’m relieved to say it does not disappoint. It’s absolutely brutally heavy when it needs to be, and is exploding with melody and musical invention from start to finish. To my ears, they never sounded better than this – it still sounds like nothing they or anyone else has done. Need a primer/refresher? Start here:

What Solace Lies In The Arms of Fate.

I’m really ill today – yay! All I’ve done is feel sorry for myself, and listen to Meshuggah.

When I’m in the mood for Meshuggah, I’m a man possessed. Can’t stop listening to this today. The riff at 3:06 is beautiful:

Man Crush #1 – Tosin Abasi

Such a f’cking cool dude. Amazing musician, pioneering gearhead and seriously stylish to boot. So much crazy technique, and someone who really got me excited about the 8 string. This song is a good intro for the uninitiated. The first heavy riff in this will rattle your teeth right out of your face. Go on. Try it.

You Try To Break The Mould, Before You Get Too Old.

Do you ever lose bands from your own history? I was trying to retrace my steps from Britpop to American Alt. Metal. I’d completely forgotten this band. My gateway from Later… British guitar bands to angst filled Americans.

Lyrically, it really resonated in a way that made me make a little more sense to me. The dark atmosphere of the guitars was a massive influence, as was the balancing act between bruisingly heavy and delicately spooky. Forever a masterpiece to my ears, and still sounds extraordinary.

(EDIT: I drafted this blog post on the 13th to post today, the 15th. The 14th was my birthday, and I was really surprised to get this album on vinyl. Nicci knows me better than I know myself)