Lyrics: Hold Your Kiss

There’s obviously something very skeuomorphic about putting hand written lyrics on your screens, but I’m bored of typing. There’s something delicate about it to – you can see the effort for what it is, I hope.

Anyway, here it is: Hold Your Kiss.

Gently coaxed back to life.

Refining lyrics to a song I love dearly that never got a chance to be heard. It’s time is now. Coaxing abandoned lyrics into something meaningful and in this moment is macro level work; ever so gently with the details… and I’m sure I’m not done yet. Tonight’s the deadline though! This is a job, after all…

Another strange aspect to this; it actually makes more sense to my life now, than when I first tried to write it. So strange how songs can do that. It feels like I wasn’t ready to say it. It suddenly feels alive again. It feels now.