Photoshop Skillz.

I’d love to be shithot at Photoshop. To be fair, I wasn’t too shabby at art college, where I began focusing on digital art. Maybe one day I’ll put in the practice. It’s on the list. It’s unlikely I’ll ever get this good though. Max Asabin is a Russian artist doing, well, amazing stuff.

More this way… [LINK]

Eyvind Earle, IRL.

Keen observers may remember my obsession w/ the great Eyvind Earle – his estate granted me permission to use some of his paintings in the look of Winter Of ’82, like here:

Earle started out at Disney, famously developing the concept art for Sleeping Beauty, with a really distinct surrealist take on nature, and trees especially:

Today, on family vacay, I was lost in magic here:

And what do I see? Those surreal, rectangular Eyvind Earle trees, right there, IRL.

As if the place wasn’t magical enough; it even made my inner art geek happy. Perfect.

Check out more of Earle’s magical works here.


I love love LOVE geometric artwork. Something delicate revealing itself in hard lines; the deliberate incompleteness of edges, like the meaning is concentrated in the centre… it’s magic. These portraits by Dave Merrell are beautiful. More on his Behance profile.