My good friend Imogen Heap has an interesting habit of doing career things on and around her birthday. So that’s another idea I’m borrowing from her… Today is my birthday, so I’m making today the day to let you in on all this!

There’s two weeks of blog posts to dig through if you’re keen to get up to speed, explaining the various aspects of this project and how I got here. So where is here?

In short, I’m starting this new Rock/Metal flavoured one-man-band, and it’s called Dyskinetic. I thought I’d made that word up, a portmanteau of ‘dis’ as in disability and ‘kinetic’ to reference the movement of the gloves. But not only does the word exist, but it’s another name for the very medical condition that finds me disabled.

It’s a return to my earliest roots, with the latest technology. I’m using the gloves of course, reimagining them as a rock instrument. I see a lot of futuretech, and nobody plays rock with it. But why should heavy music be solely commanded by guitar bands?

I’m ‘leaking’ this blog ahead of any new music to give an insight into the process. Sitting on things until I have a single or two up my sleeve feels very ‘old way’ and this is all about the new. Sharing, demystifying; that’s what this is all about.

The blog will be central to this conversation; I don’t see Dyskinetic as solely a music project. It’s a conversation about music, technology and disability. As well new music and a new live show, there’ll be visual and written works. You can find this on instagram as @dyskinetic. That account will attempt to tell the story visually, and only this story. Pictures of kittens and toddlers and pizzas will be saved for my regular personal account. There’ll be a new Facebook page too. Twitter will stay as is (@krishalpin) because the conversation there has always been this, I think.

With the recent web server hack, I have lost a huge chunk of my digital presence anyway, so there’s a neatness to this reboot/reframe, I think. Gotta start over, and I’ve gotta be productive,so why spend the time repairing and rebuilding what was?

There’s loads of new music on the way, and I’ll be doing a lot of behind-The-scenes process stuff to do with that over the coming weeks.

I am forever grateful for the support I’ve had over the past two years with Winter Of ‘82 and The Gloves Are On. It’s been an extraordinary adventure so far; But now it’s time to start a new one. I hope you can join me xx