As part of a mission to make Dyskinetic a broader conversation about Music, Technology AND Disability, I’m going to be sharing some health stuff. There’s a whole culture/conversation around health and fitness that I despise esp. re: disability. You may have heard the term “inspiration porn” – the concept of using disabled people as some kind of feelgood hit. Worst of all are those “fitspo” posts that show a disabled person in the gym or wherever, doing exercise with some slogan along the lines of “what’s your excuse?”- Gross.

Nevertheless, fitness and healthy living massively important to me, and also a major struggle. Disability is usually only portrayed online in termsr of pseudo-inspiration for non-disabled people. Otherwise, Disable people seem to have no place in the wider conversation. On the far side of the argument, I’ve been shot down on social media several times for talking about my health and fitness goals. I get that there are a lot of disabled people who will have been told that they should exercise more as part of a catch all solution that trivialises their situation. There seems for some a fear that a disabled person who is pro-exercise is enabling ableism on some level. Sigh.

I am still optimistic that there’s a more mature conversation to be had, that includes disabled people and doesn’t make anyone feel threatened. I’ve thought a lot about this conversation and how it could move forward; time will tell, but I plan to be open and honest about my struggles, and (fair warning) my successes.