Not quite ready to start a studio diary because the studio isn’t quite ready! I moved premises over Christmas; still working with the same team, in a bigger and prettier building. HQ is now in an 18th Century modernised granary in rural North Warwickshire. It’s quite something.

I’ve had a lot of help, especially from my dad who has made a *huge* number of improvements – I’ll get into these in more detail in a future video. Yes. Video! Regular videos from the studio coming soon… going to be talking a lot about the music/technology/disability intersection, and especially the aesthetics of access (another “more on that later” topic).

The studio work has taken a little longer than I’d hoped, but next week I’ll be starting work on new material. Blimey. That is exciting. I haven’t done any serious recording in maybe two years. The gigs were plentiful, and I’d lost the love for the studio anyway, so I threw myself into touring. I’m ready for the big red button again… \m/

Photo of work in progress studio