Perfume – Fusion: Hi-Tech Live Performance

This I love. My peeps from the MTF crowd will too, I’m sure. J-Pop band Perfume performing live across 3 continents in a ridiculously tightly edited video. A triumph of art, choreography and technology. And Fusion is my favourite track off the album. YEAH.

Perfume – Future Pop

A slice of J-Pop I was introduced to in Japan. Perfume’s live shows really appeal to the Music Tech Fest mentality – super hi tech and futuristic. I’ll post some live vids, but for now, here’s a song:

Hometown gig… finally!

Hometown gig… finally! If you were there… I can’t thank you enough. AND AT SYMPHONY HALL, NO LESS! It was a foyer concert, a small deal, but it was BIRMINGHAM. WITH FRIENDS. AND FAMILY! I was a little more nervous than usual, of course. I make my living performing for strangers… Lots of new sounding……

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