Month: July 2019

  • Zanshin: Making Peace With My Body.

    I’m always looking toward the next thing. A new way to do things. A new place to play in. Thanks to my recent Developing Your Creative Practice award from Arts Council England (Yay!) I’m about to start my next big creative adventure. No time to sit still. Under the working title Zanshin, this new work […]

  • The BuJo.

    It didn’t sound like my kind of thing at all, but at the start of this year I thought I’d give the Bullet Journal thing a try. It’s *really* revolutionised my life and work. I couldn’t imagine a notebook and pen replacing apps like OmniFocus and OneNote, but the analogue process is why it works.…

  • Recording, Capturing, Moving.

    I’m still making things. Things you listen to. Things you listen to that are made in a computer. It makes less and less sense. Making music with computers can be – for me, at least – incredibly frustrating. I don’t particularly enjoy using electronic devices screens with screens. In fact I find it really annoying…