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  • I Was Wrong About The Gloves.

    I Was Wrong About The Gloves.

    In my recent blog post, I spoke about a possible end to my performing with the gloves. It’s certainly true that I’ve had a difficult relationship with them at times. They empower me yes, but also are a constant reminder of what I can’t do. I still dream of guitar heroics and piano recitals. It’s…

  • Drake Music: Planted Symphony

    I’m always working on something I can’t talk about, and I think it’s yawnfest when musicians post about stuff like “can’t say too much yet” so I don’t usually acknowledge anything – but here is one of those things, which I can now talk about! Phew.  So, this was complicated. While I was preparing for…

  • MiMu Gloves II.

    MiMu Gloves II.

    Almost 5 years to the day since I got my first pair, my new MiMu Gloves arrived. These are the production models, and they are BEAUTIFUL. There’s a lot to say, but for now, here are some pics… MUCH more soon.