Hi. My name is Kris Halpin. I work under a few different banners. Dyskinetic is my latest work. My output. My sandbox. I’m a music-maker. I’m also a disabled person. My work happens at the intersection between Music, Technology & Disability. Mostly, I’m known for playing these:

Kris Halpin by Josefa Torres

The beautiful, magical MiMu Gloves. I started playing them three years ago, in my earlier project, Winter Of ‘82. You can watch this film about how and why I have them.

Dyskinetic is my next chapter. Returning to my roots, somewhere between 80s movie soundtracks and modern metal. I’m trying to rethink whats possible with this technology, and these barriers. This is a work in progress. I’m glad you could join me.

I’m proud to be funded and supported by:

I’m also proudly making music with: