Dyskinetic is part one-man band, part contemporary art project, part Disability inclusion strategy.

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    There’s a curious attitude around early adopters of seemingly any technology, at least in the UK. It used […]
  • iPads are NOT Musical Instruments.
    I find myself (again) debating the yawnsome “iPads aren’t musical instruments” narrative with a music service. But actually, […]
  • GGD + Logic Step Sequencer.
    I’m a big fan of GGD’s Modern & Massive. I use it both on stage and in the […]
  • I have COVID.
    It finally got me. Like a lot of Disabled people, I’ve been very worried about getting COVID. I […]
  • One Year Tramadol Free.
    Massive Trigger Warning: frank discussion of pain, medication and drug withdrawal. Today feels significant. It’s been one year […]
Kris Halpin by Josefa Torres

The beautiful, magical MiMu Gloves. I started playing them in 2015, in my previous band Winter Of ‘82. You can watch this film about how and why I have them.

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