The Holotype: Update

That blog post from May 19th was the first attempt at getting back on with making the album, which I’m current’s calling The Holotype.

It was a bit of a muddled start, but it led to me sharing some experiments, nothing super focused. I once again took a breather, for fear of trashing new songs with my relative inexperience.


Yeah, I don’t think I’m super experienced at being a music producer, actually. If I wanted Dyskinetic to be a singer/songwriter poor man’s Ryan Adams guitar project, I’ve made plenty of that. But I’m in a world that is relative new; some of that word created by the technology that now surrounds me.

In an attempt to tackle this inexperience head on, I dug up an old (OLD!) song that I knew would sound great in this digital metal landscape I hear in my head. But if I failed to nail the sound, I lose nothing. A new song is a delicate thing; dragging it through processes that aren’t robust is a sure way to kill it.

So I ironed out some kinks in how I achieve sounds. I’ve made a lot of progress, learned a lot of things. I don’t imagine I’ve learned anything new worth sharing – but new stuff to me, about synths, guitars and my voice.

So I’m ready now to give this another shot. I know how to achieve the sound now, so I’m ready to get my head down. I hate the start/stop nature of how I work, and it makes me cringe when I read blog based evidence of that, but want this blog to be honest about process, so I’ll leave alone. We start things. We put them down. It’s hard.

I’ve decided to continue documenting this process, the album, in the Patron exclusive area. The money I’ve received from my Patrons has gone towards software tools that are making this process easier. It’s a good opportunity to give those who support me through that channel something to get stuck into.

With the new music I’m creating for the Arts Council funded project, I’ll share that process far and wide. That’s a project funded with public money, and it’s part of my wider research goals, so it seems fair to keep that free to all. There will be some Patron exclusive bits to that too, but that’s loosely how I’ll play it. The making of the first Dyskinetic Long Player, I’ll continue that conversation in the Patron Exclusive area, which is accessible when you join my Patreon – link below!

I’m want to make something amazing. I’ve done a lot of hard work to get to this point. If you’re reading this, you’re helping me. It makes sense to share these little process tangles. So thank you – I hope once in a while it proves useful…

The Holotype: Log II – Entry 2

It’s a game of two halves. The scene is set when I bring into focus the right kind of electronic elements with the right kind of live elements. So what are the right elements?

As I mentioned recently, my refocusing of electronic sounds comes from revisiting the world of synth based music I grew up hearing. I can always get emotional about that stuff. And emotional it’s supposed to be. The problem with most of the music I’ve made that I haven’t released – of which there is a lot – is that it’s music of the head. It’s not moving me, it’s only intriguing me. But to commit to anything long enough to see it through, you have to love it.

One of the new songs is called A Generous Breath. I’ve been building the electronic sounds today. I’m not sure I’ve got anywhere, but shipping often means sharing it now. This feels like a digital skeleton that I’ll add muscular riffs to.

The aesthetic is coming into focus, and that’s the key thing. I think about how it “looks” in my mind; I’m applying my art college thinking here. Does it conjure up the images I want it to? As a matter of discipline, I’m trying to lean more heavily on my visual imagination to make sounds. To be continued.

Fair warning: it’s just a bag of ideas, and it will change dramatically I’m sure. Still, it feels good to share *something* nevertheless.

The Holotype: Log II – Entry 1

Patrons will know this one. I was making a collection of new songs (“album” doesn’t quite sound right), which there was a series of behind the scenes webisodes made for. I’ll add those here soon, but this is Chapter 2 of that making of.

I put the idea to bed for a bit, partly because I was busy with live stuff, partly because I’d lost connection with it. But, it would be a great thing to finish off, so I’m picking it up. Dusting it off. It sounds awkward, and a little ugly. It lacks focus. But the stories it tells are worth telling.

So this is the Captain’s Log. Written word this time around. I’m not sure how useful all that footage of me sitting in a room is. Log II is this, me picking it back up. Log I as it’s now referred to is the series of videos in the Patreon. I will try and ship often, as the modern way. Snapshots of audio, images. It’s an open, unfinished book.