Category: The Holotype: Log II

  • The Holotype: Update

    That blog post from May 19th was the first attempt at getting back on with making the album, which I’m current’s calling The Holotype. It was a bit of a muddled start, but it led to me sharing some experiments, nothing super focused. I once again took a breather, for fear of trashing new songs […]

  • The Holotype: Log II – Entry 2

    It’s a game of two halves. The scene is set when I bring into focus the right kind of electronic elements with the right kind of live elements. So what are the right elements? As I mentioned recently, my refocusing of electronic sounds comes from revisiting the world of synth based music I grew up…

  • The Holotype: Log II – Entry 1

    Patrons will know this one. I was making a collection of new songs (“album” doesn’t quite sound right), which there was a series of behind the scenes webisodes made for. I’ll add those here soon, but this is Chapter 2 of that making of. I put the idea to bed for a bit, partly because…