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  • Nose Pressed Against The Canvas.

    Nose Pressed Against The Canvas.

    I’m trying to purify my relationship with music. It’s been a long road, and there’s some unhealthy stuff weaved in. I identify with my work in a deep way. I am my work. That’s no boast. It’s actually quite unhealthy, I’m beginning to realise. I struggle to separate what I do from who I am. […]

  • Deeper Still.

    Deeper Still.

    Contrary to what those closest to me think, I’m not my Own worst critic. In fact, that idea is redundant. Your own worst critic. It’s meaningless. What you’re supposed to be is completely honest with yourself, for better or worse. know your strengths. 0am your weaknesses.I know there’s things I’m really great at. I’ve got…

  • Demolition.


    All kind of weird icky feels. It doesn’t matter how I feel. He’s one of my biggest influences. His LPs are forever in the soundtrack to our lives. He was our eldest son’s first favourite singer. He’s also my go-to example of how fucked the music industry is around mental health + relationships. I remember…