Category: Visual.

  • Tic Tac No: Vector in Red.

    These probably all look the same to most people, but there’s a few subtle moves in this one that I’m particularly proud of. Created in Adobe Illustrator as a vector for ease of printing/expanding – more on why soon. Curiosity around this image continues to amaze may. It has a life of it’s own way…

  • Tic Tac No. White on Purple.

  • Photographic Sequence: Warning Signs On Aircraft.

    My sons love it here. They’re fascinated by big *stuff* – and big aircraft are proper stuff. While they’re noticing the big stuff, I notice something smaller. I’ve always been drawn to typography. Relaying vital information through design choices is fascinating. The Exit Sign cannot be in Zapfino. There’s something particularly ominous about these warning…

  • Tic Tac No: v2487