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  • Post Brexit Challenges for Touring Musicians.

    Post Brexit Challenges for Touring Musicians.

    Last night I posted about the possibility of turning down a European date due to Brexit. Lots of “Don’t be silly! Go for it!” type comments, which suggests a misunderstanding about how careers like mine work. If I don’t play, it won’t be up to me. So here’s a quick explanation of what I mean…

  • Berxit Means Berxit.

    Berxit Means Berxit.

    It’s such an unbelievable farce.  Such a cynical move. Let’s spell it wrong. That’ll get them talking. It’ll game the algorithm. The Left will share the hell out of it.  A deliberate mistake.  Like Brexit.  Today of all days, I’ve been asked to appear at event in Europe. First week of February. It’s a really…