Drake Music + Me in Japan: Part One


Japan got me. It got me in every way.

Some back story. I ‘ve been fascinated by Japan and Japanese culture since my teens. It started when I became interested in Reiki, the popular alternative medicine. I studied this “healing” method religiously from the age of 14. Devised in Japan in the 1920 s, this was my first big spiritual exploration and naturally led me to be curious about Japan.

Debating the purported healing powers of Reiki eventually lost my interest. Exploring Reiki all i mately got me on a spiritual journey that led me to Tibetan Buddhism, but my fascination with Japan remained. During the early days of the internet, I could finally learn about this seemingly mythical place. I discovered so many loves. Manga. Anime. Sushi. Harajuku, katakana. I was endlessly curious; and a little bit in love.20 something years after my obsession begun. I found myself arriving at Tokyo Haneda Airport, and I couldn’t believe it.

I was finally HERE.

Next time: how and why I got here…

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