Making Music For Vinyl: Not As Easy As I Thought…

With the news that Bandcamp will soon allow artists to offer vinyl, I was naturally intrigued by the possibility of working towards putting out a record next year. I’m very into physical media, vinyl being naturally the king of the physical space. It’s a beautiful thing, to put on a record, look at the sleeve notes, experience the album as a whole. I also notice that I’m in an analogue space, not dependent on Bluetooth or WiFi. There’s something very enjoyable about that to me.

What I didn’t know is that you can’t just press music to vinyl. How it sounds will greatly influence what’s possible. Did you know that bass heavy music takes up more room on a record? I’d heard that one, but I didn’t know you could reclaim space with quieter passages. It’s a science in itself. Luckily, I found this handy guide:

I’m still a way away from having the record together of course, but it’s still useful to know. I can’t wait. I’ve always dreamed of having a physical thing.

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