All Your Cartoon Pals.

I debuted this song at the SAGE Gateshead Pay-Per-View in May. It’s a strange beast; like an REM song produced by Guy Sigsworth. That’s mostly what I do. Make the imaginary things real. These songs already exist, in a sense. I just have to be quiet enough to hear them.

I recorded a vocal I’m very happy with today. It takes a minute to find the voice for a song. It often feels like a song asks me to lean into something specific about my voice. This song, I was singing delicately. Cute maybe. It wasn’t working. The song wanted me to sound stronger. More authority. The lyrics are me singing to myself from the point of view of a parent. I guess that makes sense. The song wants me to be the adult in the story, not the child.

Always the child. I’m a 30-something teenager.

It’s nice to be back. I had a moment to focus. Press the red button. Connect the dots. Live with the song a while.

The songs already exist. The job is to hear them.

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