GGD + Logic Step Sequencer.

I’m a big fan of GGD’s Modern & Massive. I use it both on stage and in the studio; it’s my go-to drum kit.

My live show is powered by Ableton Live, but I often use Logic Pro X when recording. I do find programming drums in Logic’s Piano Roll to be fairly tedious. Thankfully, there’s a better way.

The relatively recent addition of a Step Sequencer in Logic makes for easier drum programming. When the feature first arrived, I was left still wanting clearer labelling options, but they have improved recently. With that, I’ve been able to create a template for quick programming of Modern & Massive in Logic Pro X.

This template is labelled up for all the kit parts in Modern & Massive. It’s also routed to multi-outputs. It’s not mixed, but it’s ready to go. I’ve also added a parallel compressor using Logic’s stock compressor for that smaaack.

It’s free to download, just hit this link:

And if you’re curious to hear me use Modern & Massive with the MiMu Gloves, step this way >>>

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