Tesla Wankers.

There’s a curious attitude around early adopters of seemingly any technology, at least in the UK.

It used to be iPhone Wankers. At the moment, it’s Tesla Wankers. This country loves to hate on early adopters.

I know about being an early adopter. I was within the first 15 people ever to own a pair of MiMu Gloves. I had a Mac before Macs were even a thing most people knew about (G5 PowerPC for those wondering).

We don’t trust really adoption. That’s a good thing for many – most people don’t want to try the latest thing. But we don’t trust people who are ready to try the next big tech.

There’s lots of arguments in favour of waiting for technology to mature (I remember only too well how underwhelmed I was with the first Apple Watch) but tech needs early adopters. Someone has to use it when it’s new.

Maybe it’s a British thing. Owning the latest whatever is seen as a flex, and British people hate flexes.

It’s not a character flaw. The anger I hear about Tesla drivers at this point would make you think it is. There’ll be another technology to get annoyed about coming along momentarily.

FWIW: No, I don’t drive a Tesla. I don’t even have an opinion on Tesla. But I do have an opinion on newness. Sometimes it’s ugly. Sometimes it’s magical. It’s never boring. I’m here for the early adopters.

(Image credit Joseph Thornton CC BY-SA 2.0)

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