My First Legit Composer Commission!

Yeah. You read that right. Early this year I was approached by Propel Dance, the UK’s first all wheelchair-rider dance about their forthcoming production of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. They are, conveniently enough, based in the Midlands, needed a composer, wanted to employ a Disabled artist… those roads lead inevitably to me.

Okay, I’m being overly modest – they also liked my music. My schedule has been wild this year, but I really wanted to do it. So I’m doing it.

I’ve been working away on it for a while now; I’ve done bits in the past, but I’ve never composed this much music for a client. It’s daunting/exciting in equal measure.

I’ll talk more about the process and showing my workings later – I really want to wait until it’s out there before I do that – for now here’s just a sneak peak of rehearsals:

It’s touring the Midlands over the coming weeks; head to Propel Dance’s Website for dates and tix.

Hope to see you at a show -it’s a magical thing x

Image Credit: Propel Dance


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