A Statement RE: Live Shows.

It’s with enormous sadness that I am announcing an indefinite hiatus from live shows with immediate effect. Playing gigs has slowly pushed me to a place of facing significant health issues, both physical and mental. I’m sorry to say that means the cancellation of all shows this year. Scheduled talks and conference appearances will go ahead as planned; for reasons that will make more sense later, “proper” gigs are not possible any time soon. It’s obviously one of the toughest calls I’ve ever made.

I will soon share in more detail what is happening because it may help others; a good friend very wisely advised me to wait a beat before I disclose more. There’s some stigma attached to the issues I’m dealing with, and I need to think about that. I also want to be open and honest as so many in my audience face disabling barriers and mental health challenges. I just need to wrap my head around a few things first, and have some time to heal physically and mentally.

Love to everyone who has been with me through this journey, you know who you are x

See you down the front one day, I’ll be fitter, healthier and happier when the day comes x


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