Hello 2024.

2023 was good to me, career-wise. It’s been a strange and bumpy one health wise, but that’s normalised, right? I want that to not be normalised, please. Sigh. Disabled bodies etc etc. Work has been good?

2023! It looked like this:

– Opening for Philip Selway of Radiohead on his solo tour. He really is the nicest man in the business, and the Radiohead hardcore at the barrier were so welcoming to one of their own 🙃

– Fun hangs and low key mentor vibes w/ Adrian Utley of Portishead. One of all time fave bands, his wisdom means a lot to me ❤️

– Took on my first large scale composition commission, scoring Propel Dance’s visionary reinterpretation of The Snow Queen. Was a bigger success than any of us could have anticipated, and the media coverage made me VERY VERY RICH*

– Genuinely one of my favourite projects ever: working with Karen Sutherland and the Drake Music Scotland fam on Entwine… truly one of the most beautiful pieces of work I’ve had a hand in.

– Started my AMAZING new role at Sense as Artistic Director of Music! Got an amazing expanding team of musicians on board, it really is an exciting and complex musical adventure

– Nicci and I started a company! We make music more accessible to Disabled people, and it’s huge fun.

– Our company (see above) took over on a HUGE project that I’ve been a huge fan of for many years. Some of you know all about it but there’s still to be an official announcement so I’m 🤫 for now

– My OG MiMu Gloves went on display at the Science Museum which made me very excited and emoshe. Literally blood sweat and tears into them old things 🖤

– Played a bunch of seaside towns in winter!!? Isle of Wight was a lush highlight of a very random workshop/gig/conference winter tour

– Began thinking about expanding the world of Dyskinetic beyond being a solo thing, with an amazing pilot weekend with Orchestra360 in Brighton

– Started the ball rolling on some really WOW WTAF stuff in 2024. NDA’d up to my eyeballs but yeah 😎

So yeah, I’m excited about 2024. Onwards/Upwards.

KH x

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