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  • Nose Pressed Against The Canvas.

    Nose Pressed Against The Canvas.

    I’m trying to purify my relationship with music. It’s been a long road, and there’s some unhealthy stuff weaved in. I identify with my work in a deep way. I am my work. That’s no boast. It’s actually quite unhealthy, I’m beginning to realise. I struggle to separate what I do from who I am. […]

  • Lockdown Block.

    I fell for it. You know the spiel. Write that novel! Make that album! Learn that language! Like many people, I expect, I wanted to believe that I was going to make the best of this time. But it’s going stale. Becoming toxic. The idea that all this extra time is an opportunity feels horribly…

  • Go Deep or Go Home.

    It’s kind of a cliche to talk about creativity as an elusive thing. Terms like “Writer’s Block” validate our perception that inspiration can escape the gravity of our ambitions at any time. I’m less and less convinced that this is true. It doesn’t follow that I am therefore inspired all of the time, sadly. Imagine!…