That Escalated Quickly…

So. I posted this video on social media a couple of days ago. It’s about the awkwardness that surrounds being a wheelchair user who can stand and walk (a bit). It’s gained quite a bit of traction for me; over 100 views within a few hours of being posted, which is a lot for me – I have songs that haven’t got close to that in years.

I’ve had some great feedback, but more importantly I’ve seen comments from people who were shocked at themselves; they hadn’t considered this sort of thing, and maybe thought people like me were “faking” in some way. I don’t want to berate people; if I can change one person’s mind…

Clearly I have a lot to say on disability, and although I was unsure about talking about it on YouTube, it seems to be a good thing. So I’ll do more of it. So please, share this if you find it useful, and like and subscribe to stay up to date with the next ones. There’s plenty more on the subject, that’s for sure. x

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