McCartney IV

McCartney IV is really a song about owning up to the ways you’ve hurt people, and recognising that love is more important than anything else. It’s a love song. I think it’s silly. And very serious. And hopefully romantic. People tell me they like it. Of course, the influence of a Beatle is worn on it’s sleeve (literally). 

I wrote it on a ukulele, an instrument I know almost nothing about. I do a lot of inclusive music workshops for disadvantaged and Disabled kids, and there’s always a ton of ukuleles in the music cupboard. Figured I’d better have a go.

I’m mostly known for playing the MiMu Gloves, so it’s a bit scary and exciting to do something without them, and on an instrument I don’t know how to play even. It’s new and strange to do something gentle and nothing like the big loud noise I make with the gloves.

People tell me it helps them. That it’s optimistic. I think so. I think it’s a song with a purpose. 

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