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  • McCartney IV

    McCartney IV is really a song about owning up to the ways you’ve hurt people, and recognising that love is more important than anything else. It’s a love song. I think it’s silly. And very serious. And hopefully romantic. People tell me they like it. Of course, the influence of a Beatle is worn on […]

  • One Year Tramadol Free.

    Massive Trigger Warning: frank discussion of pain, medication and drug withdrawal. Today feels significant. It’s been one year exactly since I lost took Tramadol, which was given to me for pain relief some 5 years previous. It’s a lot to think about. I’m not even sure what I want to say. Most importantly, I don’t…

  • Thoughts On Performing Live In Lockdown.

    I’ve torn off the Band-Aid. I was sceptical about performing live via webcams and such – is it real enough? Thanks to the Disability Rights Utah for the opportunity! Mission accomplished. So what was it like? Well… as most of you know, I’m primarily a live performer these days. I’ve played A LOT of shows,…

  • VLOG: Why I Quit Twitter.

    I’ve stopped engaging with twitter, and I’m spending less time on social media. Here’s why:

  • What Disability Is/Isn’t.

    This is a copy of a Twitter thread that I posted yesterday which is going to bit of traction. Of course, the problem with the social media is that none of us own the space, so in the interest of taking ownership of my stuff, here it is. Please consider sharing this; I’d really like…

  • Loading Bay.

  • Travel Vlog: Kawasaki Daishi

    Long overdue, but I had a day off yesterday, so I thought I’d cut this together. In my last blog post I talked about the influence of Buddhism on my music making. That led to some really interesting conversations, so I thought today I would go deep and share this quite personal story of what…

  • NEW INTERVIEW: Talking Tech @ Light Audio Recording

    My old chum Ronan – *very* keen fans will remember him opening for me on The Gloves Are On tour in Coventry – has an awesome blog about recording and music making. It’s an interesting space to occupy; in my news feed dominated by Waves Plugins and CLA tutorials, Ronan pops up with a refreshingly…

  • Zanshin: Making Peace With My Body.

    I’m always looking toward the next thing. A new way to do things. A new place to play in. Thanks to my recent Developing Your Creative Practice award from Arts Council England (Yay!) I’m about to start my next big creative adventure. No time to sit still. Under the working title Zanshin, this new work…

  • Test Memberful

    This is a test!