Author: Kris Halpin

  • The Name.


  • The Challenge.

    My fiancée . The first day I got the gloves home, I showed a few clumsy attempts as to what they could do. After a few minutes she said: “It’s all very good… but is it Metal?” Nicci’s first musical love, like mine, is Metal. At the time, my answer was ‘no’ – The Gloves…

  • The Goal.

    For all the success, I was never that happy with the sound of The Gloves Are On.

  • The Zone.

    It’s coming naturally, it seems. This headspace is wide open right now. New riffs and melodies come into focus every day. Feeling the floodgates open, the pressure releasing; it’s beautiful. I hear this new sound in my head, as I’ve been listening to it for years. It’s daunting too, of course. It’s a delicate task…

  • Year Zero.

    I’m not sure where (or what) the right headspace is to begin this. I guess that never comes. At some point you have to tear the plaster* off. It’s New Year’s Day. I’m tired, and a little hungover. But there is much to explain. After all, it’s Year Zero. This year is all about this.…