All Your Cartoon Pals.

I debuted this song at the SAGE Gateshead Pay-Per-View in May. It’s a strange beast; like an REM song produced by Guy Sigsworth. That’s mostly what I do. Make the imaginary things real. These songs already exist, in a sense. I just have to be quiet enough to hear them. I recorded a vocal I’m……

The Future (was) Europe.

4 years ago today I was in Brussels representing @mtflabs at the @europeancommission headquarters. Performing with the at the EU Headquarters outside the European Parliament Chamber felt really significant, and was a huge honour. It was also (inevitably) a really complex security detail to navigate – wearing all that cyborg clobber sure raises eyebrows.……

Vlog: Goodbye 2020

Goodbye, 2020.

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Live From The Lockdown: TONIGHT

So it’s finally happening. I’ve resisted for a little while, but tonight I will be performing live online with the gloves. I’ve taken my time on this for lots of reasons, mostly just technical ones, but it’s time to try. I’ll be doing a very short appearance, just 1 song, for the Disability Rights Action……

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VLOG: Why I Quit Twitter.

I’ve stopped engaging with twitter, and I’m spending less time on social media. Here’s why:

Lockdown Block.

I fell for it. You know the spiel. Write that novel! Make that album! Learn that language! Like many people, I expect, I wanted to believe that I was going to make the best of this time. But it’s going stale. Becoming toxic. The idea that all this extra time is an opportunity feels horribly……