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The Leak.

My good friend Imogen Heap has an interesting habit of doing career things on and around her birthday. So that’s another idea I’m borrowing from her… Today is my birthday, so I’m making today the day to let you in…

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The Hack.

I wasn’t initially sure how to present this digitally, but imagined it possibly under the umbrella of my own name and my own website. Right before Christmas I faced and upsetting but decisive setback. A hacking script had its…

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The Tech.

RE: yesterday’s post; if you discovered me because of the future tech; don’t panic – I’m not taking the gloves off yet. The Gloves, for those unaware, have revolutionised my musicianship, and will revolutionise many other’s too. They’re…

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The Guitar.

At the time that I was really down and struggling with guitar playing, I was playing solo acoustic shows. A fingerstyle approach, influenced by Nick Drake. My impairment mainly affects my right side, therefore my picking hand. That was the…

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